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Maleny Supa IGA


Maleny IGA is the oldest original commercial premises in Maleny. Locals have been getting their supplies from the “Universal Providers” Building in Maple Street since 1905. Rob and Samantha purchased the business prior to Christmas in 1995 and have transformed it into a modern supermarket, maintaining the intrinsic appeal of a traditional country store. With your help we can ensure we are doing the things that matter to you. We would especially love to hear about a great experience you have had in our store. We love to hear when one of our team does their job well or goes above and beyond. Please let us know so that we can applaud them. You can contact us in a number of ways.


Peek down our aisles shows that we have a fabulous array of general groceries, local goodies, exotic gourmet needs, international and imported ingredients.


We promote local and Australian made products heavily with our unique blue ticket system. Any products produced locally will have a blue cow ticket to make them easily identified.


We have discounts for seniors and are happy to help you to your car with your groceries. A team of Customer Assistants is trained to help you from the minute you arrive.


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