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Inspired Minds Solutions

At Inspired Minds Solutions we believe that every family is unique in their needs and therefore so should our service to you. Every little mind can achieve amazing things with the right support. At Inspired Minds Solutions we value and recognise that every child should have access to high quality, engaging and personalised learning opportunities and resources.

When teaching in the classroom, I found I didn’t have the level of support and resources to help the children that really needed it and as a result, Inspired Minds Solutions was founded. I dreamt of providing nurturing and effective services to families and children targeting their specific needs and interests to make learning more meaningful.

The staff at Inspired Minds Solutions use a variety of teaching approaches to facilitate your child in achieving success. Our educators use direct instruction, child-led learning, STEAM, games and problem-based learning techniques. These have been proven to elicit high levels of engagement and make learning more relevant to the child.

Our vision for the future is to continue working with families to provide targeted learning to as many children as possible to help shape innovative, creative and confident life-long learners.


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