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Matters Magazine Sunshine Coast

Our Ethos: 

'Stories That Matter' at Matters Magazine - we believe that every story has the power to inspire, educate and connect. Our ethos revolves around championing narratives that resonate deeply with the Sunshine Coast community, emphasising stories that spark genuine connections and foster mutual growth.

Our Purpose:

Matters Magazine is dedicated to curating and amplifying the voices of the Sunshine Coast. Beyond just sharing stories, our mission is to create a community where knowledge-sharing, mutual support and genuine connections thrive. We're not just a magazine; we're a movement—celebrating the best of the Sunshine Coast, both in business and life.

Our Promise:

Inspiration & Empowerment: Our content is crafted to inspire readers and empower businesses.

Integrity & Authenticity: Genuine, authentic stories that reflect the true spirit of the Sunshine Coast.

Evolution & Innovation: Continuously evolving to keep our content fresh, relevant and engaging.

Collaboration & Community: Valuing feedback, collaboration and active participation from our community.


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